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Tips for Improving Digital Marketing is a learning resource focused on case study based analyses of Digital Marketing campaigns.

When I first started learning about Digital Marketing, I came across a lot of articles, material and blogs that discussed the principles and concepts of Digital Marketing. I initially found it difficult at times to apply those principles and concepts as case studies and examples were rarely used. If they were used, it was typically just one case study in a particular category, held up as a great example. The type and scope of Digital Marketing used varies enormously between categories and industries. Thus, if the case study was not directly comparable to the industry I was working in, I struggled to find the relevance to my own organisation.

I thought I would learn a lot more if I was able to find some resource material that used a number of case studies from the same category or industry to illustrate various principles and concepts of Digital Marketing. Then, to compare and contrast those case studies to see which brands were doing better in which areas. Above all, I wanted to apply it to my own organisation and the brands that I was responsible for.

I wasn’t able to find such learning material, Hence, this inspired me to start my own blog on that very subject.

My intention with the case studies is to focus on what they do well. Where I am critical, I try to be as constructively critical as possible and find the best examples that illustrate the subject. To be as dispassionate as possible, to date I have not blogged about any brand that I have had marketing responsibility for as marketer on the client side, nor on the agency side.

Konrad Markham


My name is Konrad Markham and I am the author of Tips for Improving Digital Marketing. I am a self employed Freelance Digital Marketing consultant, based in Melbourne, Australia. I also primarily use Australian companies and brands in my case studies.

To see my background in detail and connect with me here are the details:

LinkedIn – au.linkedin.com/in/konradmarkham

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Twitter – @kardy1

Google+ – google.com/+konradmarkham

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In the spirit of the above, my objective for this blog is to help you improve your own Digital Marketing campaigns. I hope you find it useful.

I also welcome any feedback you may have and suggestions for future stories and posts.

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