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Digital disruption in HR - McDonald's Snaplications

Digital disruption in HR – McDonald’s Snaplications


Am loving the new recruitment campaign from McDonald’s Australia. They have launched a Snapchat lens which shows potential job applicants how they will look in a McDonald’s uniform and allows them to submit an application by sending a 10 sec snap.

How does it work?

It’s very simple. Applicants need to scan the secret code to unlock the crew lens which dresses them in a McDonalds uniform. They then need to snap a 10-second video about themselves and send it to @Maccas on Snapchat. Once the “snaplication” is reviewed, McDonald’s sends users to the digital careers hub where they can fill out a real job application form.

Digital disruption in HR - McDonald's Snaplications

McDonald’s employs over 100,000 people in Australia. With more than 50% of employees being aged under 18, this campaign is a great way to connect with potential job applicants on a social media platform that is very popular with millennials.

Applying on Snapchat doesn’t replace the traditional hiring process at McDonald’s for now. However, it is a great way for McDonald’s Australia to sort through and screen the many applications that they must receive and get potential job applicants highly engaged in the recruitment process.

McDonald’s was the first brand in Australia to advertise on Snapchat and continues to be an innovative user of digital.

To follow McDonald’s Australia on Snapchat, scan the Snapcode below in your Snapchat app and add the account as a friend.

Digital disruption in HR - McDonald's Snaplications
Follow McDonald’s Australia on Snapchat by adding @maccas as a friend


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