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Which digital marketing training courses are most in demand?
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Which digital marketing training courses are most in demand?


The demand for digital marketing training courses is booming. Since I first posted a list of providers and courses on my blog in 2013, there has been a dramatic increase in the number and types of digital marketing training courses available.

I recently interviewed Russell Easther, founder of digitalbrief.com to understand some of the reasons driving this increase and which courses are most in demand.

digitalbrief is an international digital marketing and media training business based in Melbourne, Australia. Working with marketers, agencies and publishers across the APAC regions, digitalbrief brings a unique training approach, delivered in a dynamic and engaging fashion within face to face & online(via the recently launched Accelerate online learning portal) training environments.

What is driving the overall increase in demand for digital marketing training?

A few reasons including:

  1. It corresponds with the overall growth and importance of digital marketing and media.
  2. The scope of digital marketing is now so broad, but narrow specialisations still exist. People entering the digital marketing arena tend to be employed in a specialist area such as social media, SEO or digital media etc… and have a deep knowledge of that area only. They typically don’t have a broad understanding of all the other areas in digital marketing and how they integrate with one another. This is very important as they move up the ladder.
  3. Traditional university courses are not keeping pace with the rapid changes occurring day to day in the digital marketing arena. They are not teaching students enough of the practical knowledge and skills that they need to apply day to day in their workplace.

In your business, which courses are you seeing the greatest demand?

  1. As mentioned earlier, in general our students tend to have a deep knowledge of a specific area. There is ongoing demand for a fundamentals of digital marketing giving students (everyone from recent graduates to senior executives) an understanding of all key areas of digital and how they integrate with one another.
  2. Managing paid media effectively as it is becoming increasingly important, with about 45% of media spend now being digital.
  3. Content marketing. Clients now are starting to acknowledge that they need to develop a a robust content marketing strategy for their brands and set tangible, measurable KPI’s.

Click on the link here to see an updated list of marketing training course providers, along with courses taught.

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