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50 Blog Posts

50 Blog Posts | My Top 5 Favourite Digital Campaigns


Yippee. With this post I am very proud to have now reached 50 posts since starting this blog. Thinking back to when I was writing my first post, I thought it would be a struggle to reach 10 posts. 50 blog posts I thought was just not achievable. I guess I was wrong.

To celebrate, looking back at all the digital campaigns I have covered in this blog, here are my Top 5 favourite digital campaigns.

What I love about these first four campaigns is that they all use digital in a very innovative and creative way that fit seamlessly with the core values and USP of the brand.

LinkedIn – Tak3n LinkedIn

Tak3n LinkedIn - Campaign of the Month

Tourism VIC – Remote Control Tourist

Remote Control Tourist. Play Melbourne. Tips for Improving Digital Marketing
Remote Control Tourist Website Homepage

NSW Govt Roads & Maritime Services – Myplates Manproof your Car

Myplates - manproof my car

Greenpeace – Coke Recycling Campaign

Tips for Improving Digital Marketing. Greenpeace Recycling Campaign.
Coke Refunds Parody Website

In the case of Dominos, they have used digital to: 1. Pizza & Driver Tracker – Re-engineer their business processes forcing them to be 100% accountable to their customers and 2. Pizza Mogul – Used the social community and social selling to drive New Product Development and Innovation. These two digital initiatives amongst others, are believed to be the biggest drivers of significant sales and profit increases for Dominos in Australia over the last few years. As such Dominos gets the nod as my favourite digital campaign overall.

Dominos Pizza – Pizza & Driver Trackers, Pizza Mogul

Who has the best Pizza App in Aust?

Who has the best Pizza App in Aust ?

by Konrad Markham

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