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Feminine Hygiene Content Marketing

Feminine Hygiene Content Marketing – Who’s #1?


Today I look at Feminine Hygiene Content Marketing and see which brand is #1. The post covers: Libra, Kotex, Stayfree, Carefree, Tampax, Moxie, TOMorganic and Cottons brands. Now updated to include SOFYBeFresh.

Key Findings

This author argues that in the feminine hygiene category, there is increasingly minimal real difference between brands in terms of actual product performance and specific product benefits. Thus, attempting to own the emotional benefits and drivers of the category, via content marketing is a huge opportunity for brands to try and differentiate themselves.

Overall most of the brands are using social media, (primarily Facebook, followed by Instagram) to build engagement with their consumers via creating a utility that centres around women’s health and emotional wellbeing. A platform where women can learn useful information about periods and menstruation, share their own stories, gain confidence, feel inspired by, identify and have empathy for others with similar experiences. Common hashtags used include: #girlproblems, #girlpower, #periodproblems and #ITTOTM (It’s that time of the month).

Libra’s #iamfearless campaign is the most powerful and engaging expression of the key emotional driver of empowerment and self confidence, followed to a lesser degree by the #becarefree be real campaign. The Libra campaign is also the most overtly encouraging to get women to share their own personal stories, both positive (#iamfearless) and negative (#SPEECHfail, fartphobia). It is a campaign that has appeal to both older and younger women.

The active engagement level with the posts on the Libra page is significantly higher than all the other brands. For these reasons. both strategic and in execution Libra is the clear #1 in Feminine Hygiene Content Marketing.

Carefree and Moxier are targeting a younger demographic, with less emphasis on a lifestyle and wellbeing utility, incorporating more fashion, lifestyle and entertainment elements in their content marketing.

TOMorganic and Cottons take a holistic broader approach to health & lifestyle issues in their content strategy, including food and recipes.

Kotex and Tampa are focused more on an active lifestyle and sporting approach through their content marketing.

Stayfree scores lowest out of all the brands on the list. Stayfree appears to want to try and include a product reference or product shot in almost every Facebook post. As a result there is little follower engagement with the majority of their posts that aren’t coupon, promotion or sample based.

Summary of each brands content marketing strategy below.



  • Uses high profile successful women such as Miranda Tapsell, Megan Washington and Sammy Veall to share stories of how they overcome their fear.
  • Actively encourages followers to share their own stories through the use of humour both positive (#iamfearless) and negative (#SPEECHfail, HAIRfail, DIYfail, TRAVELfail) as well as (glorydaysophobia, letdownphobia, Isitmephobia).
  • Having a Facebook Q & A to answer questions directly from followers.


Facebook – 160k followers

Today we launched I Am Fearless, a movement dedicated to breeding strength, discussing fear and sharing fearless…

Posted by Libra on Saturday, 18 July 2015

There will be doubters.

Feminine Hygiene Content Marketing
Libra iamfearless Facebook Page post

Megan Washington is taking over our page for a Facebook Q&A on Sunday, August 9th. Join Megan (and lots of other ladies) from 6pm. What are you going to ask her? #iamfearless

Posted by Libra on Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Feminine Hygiene Content Marketing
Feminine Hygiene Content Marketinhg
Feminine Hygiene Content Marketing

Instagram – 0.9k followers

Twitter – 39 followers

You Tube – 72 subscribers




  • Promotion of an active sporty lifestyle
  • Competitions for new Sport Ultrathins range
  • Partnership with Share the Dignity and charity initiative #TheHomelessPeriod
  • Celebrity gossip and stories


Facebook – 31k followers

Check out the CATCH ME IF YOU CAN Challenge by U by Kotex Sport Ultrathins, for those not willing to slow down for…

Posted by U by Kotex (Australia) on Sunday, 9 August 2015

No women should have to go without protection on her period. Share the Dignity are collecting donations this August to…

Posted by U by Kotex (Australia) on Friday, 7 August 2015

“I am in a dress. I have gel in my hair. I haven’t slept all night. I’m starved, and I’m armed. Don’t mess with me.” – the moment we fell in love with #badass Sandra Bullock. Happy 50th birthday!

Posted by U by Kotex (Australia) on Saturday, 25 July 2015

Instagram – 1.9k followers

You Tube – 0.5k subscribers



  • Health, wellbeing and food suggestions
  • Very product focused
  • Promotion of coupons and special offers

Facebook – 76k followers (worldwide page)

When your cravings hit, do you go for something sweet or something savory…or both?

Posted by Stayfree on Monday, 3 August 2015

Tea, Stayfree® pads, candy, and a gel pack. If someone could make me this kit every month that would be great. Thanks.

Posted by Stayfree on Wednesday, 8 July 2015



  • Support of safety campaign TAKE Kare
  • Entertaining and amusing images, content & tips for quick consumption and sharing


Facebook – 22k followers

Carefree brand supports the TAKE Kare initiative and will be sharing some of their advice over the coming weeks so you can enjoy a night on the town whilst staying safe.

Posted by Carefree Australia on Monday, 13 July 2015

Never let a period cramp your style!

Posted by Carefree Australia on Wednesday, 11 March 2015



  • Celebrity endorsement of soccer player Alex Morgan and Demi Lovato
  • Association with active sports – Soccer and TEAM USA

Facebook Mother Nature – 270k followers (worldwide page)

From her #AwesomelyActive soccer skills to her impressive red-carpet style – Alex Morgan is a girl who needs to be ready…

Posted by Tampax on Monday, 27 July 2015

Glad we could help TayMeetsWorld figure out the perfect use for that teeny yoga pants pocket! #WhatWasThatForAnyways #PocketPearl

Posted by Tampax on Thursday, 23 April 2015



  • Targeting a younger audience, revolving around fashion, entertainment and lifestyle
  • Charity initiative – Pads for Pads
  • Moxie Box Club product subscription and loyalty program
  • Promotions and competitions

Facebook Moxie Powder Room – 51k followers

Come at me, weekend. #purseworthy #prepped #equipped #UltimateWingwoman #GirlsGotMoxie #Chanel #LV #MissMoxie

Posted by Moxie on Friday, 14 August 2015

It’s feel good Friday! Thanks to you paying it forward, this lil cutie is one of 9,529 Ugandan school girls we’ve…

Posted by Moxie on Thursday, 6 August 2015




  • Broader lifestyle health & wellbeing message, with meditation apps, organic foods and products
  • Association with events : community women’s bike ride – Rapha 100km, Telstra Business Women’s Awards, Mindful in May – Pause for a Cause
  • Food & recipe suggestions

Facebook – 33k followers

Known hormone disrupters in many pesticides can play havoc in women who suffer from hormonal imbalances. Following an…

Posted by TOM Organic on Monday, 3 August 2015

In an office full of women, chocolate cravings can be an occupational hazard. Dr Libby unveils the biochemistry behind our cravings and the science behind PMS symptoms.

Posted by TOM Organic on Thursday, 16 July 2015

Twitter – 3.4k followers

Instagram – 30.5k followers



  • Partnership with homeless and at risk women charity Share the Dignity
  • Identification with everyday issues and challenges
  • Promoting an organic, natural and healthy lifestyle
  • Food and recipe suggestions
  • Competitions and giveaways

Facebook – 12k followers

At Cottons HQ we are SUPER excited to announce our new partnership with the amazing Australian charity Share the…

Posted by cottons on Monday, 10 August 2015

Never let a period cramp your style!

Posted by Carefree Australia on Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Update – Aug 2015

SOFYBeFresh Launch

SOFYBeFresh is a new range of Feminine Hygiene products from Unicharm that has just been launched in Australia this week. The launch campaign is already proving to stir passionate opinions across both sides on social media.

Below is the full length launch communication at 1 minute 20 seconds and the cut down 15 sec version (that most people are likely to see on free to air television).  The full length communication tells an engaging story with the humour being very evident in the context of the communication. Unfortunately the humour is missing from the 15 sec version and it comes across as tragic and sad.




After the predictable mock outrage, accusations of fat shaming and portraying bullying in their advertising, as reported by Mumbrella, Unicharm have been cleared of breaching any advertising guidelines by the Ad Standards Board.

Below is a selection of further content from the SOFYBeFresh website

Is Australia’s first “Clean Barrier Technology” any better or different than what is already on the market? Am not sure that this communication quite does it justice. It will be crucial to get free samples out to as many people as possible.



Feminine Hygiene Content Marketing


My biggest concern with the content on the website is with the following patronising material. “Say goodbye to general confusion”. Really? Apparently in 2015, women are still confused about menstruation, contraception and periods. This could have worked if the campaign had focused on targeting teenage girls, but all the rest of the communication materials in the campaign feature adult women.


Feminine Hygiene Content Marketing


Feminine Hygiene


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