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Tak3n LinkedIn - Campaign of the Month

Tak3n LinkedIn – campaign of the Month


To coincide with the worldwide release of the new Liam Neeson movie Taken3 in Jan 2015 , 2Oth Century Fox have teamed up with LinkedIn for a fantastic promotion called Tak3n LinkedIn “Particular set of skills”.

Contestants have the chance to win a personal endorsement of their particular set of skills, from Liam Neeson’s character Bryan Mills on their own LinkedIn profile.

20th Century Fox have set up a Taken3 company page on LinkedIn. As of Dec 31, 2014 the page has 31.5k followers. They have also set up a personal profile page of Bryan Mills for consumers to connect with him. Consumers only get one opportunity to connect with Bryan Mills and enter the promotion.

As fans of the earlier films would know, Bryan is fluent in both Russian and Pashto, with some proficiency also in Albanian and Arabic. Aside from being endorsed for skills such as: Security, Firearms and Hand to Hand combat, Bryan has also received endorsements on LinkedIn for other skills such as: Krav maga, phone etiquette, stealth and data extraction.

Tak3n LinkedIn - Campaign of the Month

Why I love this campaign:

  • It offers a reward that money cannot buy. A personal recommendation on your own LinkedIn profile from Bryan Mills endorsing your particular set of skills.
  • It is a really creative way to encourage new consumers to use LinkedIn and set up their own profile. For existing LinkedIn users, it also encourages them to think about what unique skills they have and update/improve their profile.
  • There is a great fit between the character of Bryan Mills and LInkedIn. As fans of the original Taken movie would know, Bryan really impresses upon his foes in the film that he has a “particular set of skills” and he intends to use them. The brand essence of LinkedIn is enabling and networking with others that have a particular set of skills.
  • Partnering with such a high profile movie franchise and actor such as Liam Neeson will give the promotion very high cut through. It should have high shareability across social media if it isn’t lost in the Christmas noise prior to the movie opening in Jan 2015.

In the leadup to Xmas, here is the “12 skills of Christmas” trailer for the movie.

Spoiler Alert. Tak3n is a movie that Liam Neeson reportedly only agreed to participate in if nobody was taken. This will no doubt give the people who created the video below plenty of material to produce their own sequel. “Everything wrong with Taken3”

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