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Tigerair Infrequent Flyers – campaign of the month


Every now and again, I come across a new campaign that just stops me in my tracks. As is the case with the new Tigerair Infrequent Flyers campaign.

Here is the introductory campaign spot and a series of follow up specific message spots.

Menu not designed by Neil Perry

Tiny bottles of wine

Wearable luggage

Reasonably small Lotto win

What I love about this campaign is that it creates a sense of community for those that don’t fly very often summed up as “It’s how the rest of us fly”

At the same time it makes fun of it’s competitors and their own self important ego massaging Frequent Flyer programs with celebrity chefs and menus.

Above all, (like the great recent work from Aldi) they have moved beyond just communicating low prices and finally given the Tigerair brand a unique and distinctive brand personality which will no doubt help people feel good about flying with Tiger.

I love some of the key communication points:

A world of not a lot really.

Very small lounge.

No status or points, but being able to choose your membership card colour.

One of which is triple emerald sapphire ivory.

18 levels of membership to choose from with no difference between them.

Tigerair Infrequent Flyer Membership levels

You have to print out your own membership card, preferably on the office printer.

Building up meaningless frequent flyer points by moving a plane around the screen on their website.

Useless Infrequent Flyer Points

I applaud Tigerair and their agency for being brave enough to run with this campaign. The ghost of previous Tigerair communication campaigns, including the truly dreadful any publicity is good publicity reality TV show series has been well and truly put to rest.

The campaign is being launched across social media including You Tube and Facebook. However as this recent Facebook discussion below shows, some Tigerair customers will require some additional communication and education.

Tigerair Facebook Post

Update – Nov 2014

Here is the new spot for Phase 2 of the campaign.


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