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5 useful Apps for nana

5 Useful Apps for nana


Here are 5 useful apps for nana. She may already have these but if she doesn’t, help download these and show her how to best use them.


OPSM Eye Check

OPSM has released an app to make it easier for Australians to get a better understanding of their vision after learning more than a million Australians have never had their eyes tested.

The OPSM Eye Check app, provides a quick and easy way to get a sense of your eye health. It has tests to get an idea of your visual acuity, colour vision, astigmatism, contrast and distance vision.

They only take two to three minutes to complete and the app can make a recommendation about whether you need to book a formal eye test which can be booked through the app itself.

The app can scale for use on a tablet or smartphone with clear instructions on how far back from the screen you need to stand to perform an effective test.

5 useful Apps for nana's smartphone or tablet

Available for free download on Apple iTunes for iPhone/iPad and Google Play for Android.


Emergency AUS

The most comprehensive source of real time emergency information in Australia. Emergency AUS sources publicly available emergency information from official sources to help communities make better-informed decisions during emergencies.

Emergency AUS was the national winner of the 2013 iAwards in the community category.

5 useful Apps for nana's smartphone or tablet

Available for download on both Apple iTunes for iPhone/iPad and Google Play for Android. The app itself is free, but there are additional subscription costs for accessing state by state emergency data to use with the app.



Over 40 Magnifier & Flashlight

As the title suggests, it is a magnifier & flashlight in one app. Very useful for reading the fine print on product packaging labels and finding things in the dark

5 useful Apps for nana's smartphone or tablet

Available to download for $1.99 on Apple iTunes for iPhone and Google Play for Android.


Cook iPad App

Australia’s top cooking app, which has had approx 900,000 downloads since launching in 2013. It has also been on the list of the Top 10 free to download food and drink apps in the US and UK.

Cook is essentially a recipe scrapbook which creates one single place for you to create and store recipes. Whilst there are many other apps that offer recipes, Cook differs in that it is also a social network where people talk, share, compare and give feedback on recipes. What better way to document and keep track of family recipes.

5 Useful Apps for nana's smartphone or tablet

Available for free download only on Apple iTunes for iPad.


Health Engine – Book Health Appts

HealthEngine helps you find an available doctor (GP), dentist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, and psychologist, and book your appointment online. Finding and booking an appointment online is quick, convenient, private, and free.

5 useful Apps for nana's smartphone or tablet

Available for free download on Apple iTunes for iPhone/iPad.


Lastly, although it is not an app but a free website application, it is worth mentioning Ajax social wipes. When your extended family keep droning on and on your Facebook or Twitter page about their friends and riveting social life, what is a nana to do?. Well Ajax social wipes now offer to clean up your digital life by singlehandedly cleaning your news feed of unwanted Facebook likes and Twitter followers. You can even watch a hand come out and wipe it away from the grid view. Done!

Ajax Social Wipes

5 useful Apps for nana


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