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Aust Post Video Stamp
Receive a personal video message with your gift

Aust Post Video Stamp Campaign


This week I take a look at the great new Aust Post Video Stamp product and campaign.

Free with any in-store purchase of an Express Post/Courier International parcel, the Video Stamp allows you to attach a personal 15 sec video message to your parcel via the use of a QR code.

Here’s how it works


Senders scan a QR coded stamp on the parcel bag, record a message on their smartphone via an app, and then stick the stamp on their parcel. Recipients simply scan the QR code stamp on their smartphone to view the message, or if they don’t have a smartphone enter a 8 digit code on the Aust Post website.

The stamps are available for viewing up to 90 days after the parcel is received. The video message also needs to be recorded within 12 hours of purchasing the parcel from the post  office.

The videos can be accessed by anyone with a smartphone and QR code reader. They can also be shared via social media, thus it is probably wise to keep the nudie selfies to a minimum.

It is also a good idea to not divulge on the video what is actually in the parcel. Having personally had quite a few things stolen in transit over the years, thieves don’t need more encouragement. Athough to be fair, there is traceability with the Express Post/Courier service parcels which should discourage them to a degree.

As Australia Post says, if you wouldn’t put it on a postcard, don’t put it on a Video stamp.

Given that Aust Post is trying to encourage consumer behaviour that has not previously existed, the supporting TVC wisely takes a straightforward visual demonstration approach.

Aust Post says 3 Million free Video Stamps have been created to be used as a test market up until Xmas 2013. The service can be used for both domestic and International mail.


A great initiative from Aust Post to differentiate themselves from their competitors and offer a value added service to their customers.

Launching in the lead up to Xmas will maximise consumer trial of the service at the busiest time of the year for sending gifts and parcels to loved ones.

In 2014, once consumers have become used to sending and receiving Video Stamps, Aust Post will no doubt be able to start charging for the service. In particular for those who would like to leave a message longer than 15 seconds.

Whilst Video Stamp can quickly be copied by their parcel delivery competitors, the Aust Post brand will gain a lot of awareness and kudos from being the first mover in the category.

Whilst it isn’t quite the world first as has been claimed (Croatia introduced QR postage stamps way back in 2011), it is the first use of QR codes on postage stamps with a video message.

by Konrad Markham

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