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Tips for Improving Digital Marketing. New Car Brand Campaigns Top 5 List
Nissan microsite on Nissan website

New Car Brand Campaigns Top 5 List


This week I take a look at some of the best new Car brand campaigns.

I have read recently an ad agency head describe most car advertising as passive persuasion. I tend to agree. For me, many campaigns are also very formulaic. The main thing that differentiates one brand campaign from another is the song featured.

In the spirit of celebrating campaigns that break the car advertising formula, use digital in an interesting way and create some buzz and excitement here is my New Car Brand Campaigns Top 5 List. The list is no particular order.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

I like the way they are trying to differentiate themselves from other brands and campaigns, as expressed in the line “It’s not a car, it’s an Alfa Romeo”. Shot in black & white and without a pop song soundtrack, it’s an engaging story that really cuts through for me.


Masterchef Sponsorship

Yes, it’s another advertorial but a great tactical activity for the launch of Giulietta on Masterchef which complements the above TVC. There is a good fit in associating Alfa Romeo with a premium food & wine experience on the Mornington Peninsula (despite the contestants only making a BLT sandwich on that particular episode!). Masterchef have had many car sponsorships before, but they have mostly been used to ferry the contestants to and from the studio. This is the first time I can recall where the use of the car is really integrated into the episode – i.e. the Masterchef Rally incorporating driving challenges on the Mornington Peninsula and feeding 50 members of the Alfa Romeo Car club.

Audi Quattro

Audi Quattro have given viewers the opportunity to direct your own Audi TVC. They have access to reams of footage of the Audi Q5 shot from a wide range of angles. The winner will have the chance to have their ad aired on TV and online on September 29 with a directors credit.

The website uses a simulated video edit suite with a visual timeline to select the scenes and footage to be used in their own 60 sec TVC.

Whilst it is a fun and very engaging concept, I found the simulated video edit suite a bit fiddly and restrictive to use. I would have liked to have more opportunity to create something unique from scratch with the footage available.

Nissan X-Trail

Nissan have taken a different approach with the launch of Nissan X-trail. They have partnered with Australia’s largest female blog Mamamia and created a social media campaign. Specifically, they have used high profile celebrities, Mamamia bloggers and other bloggers to create a series of lifestyle driven video reviews of the X-Trail that are posted on the Mamamia blog.

Mamamia have also created a Nissan microsite that links off the main Mamamia website. The site encourages Mamamia readers and other bloggers to add their own reviews of the X-Trail.

Tips for Improving Digital Marketing. New Car Brand Campaigns Top 5 List.
Nissan Microsite on Mamamia Blog
Tips for Improving Digital Marketing. New Car Brand Campaigns Top 5 List
Mamamia Bloggers test driving Nissan

In addition on the Nissan website, they have created a terrific interactive tool to build the exact X-Trail car model that you are interested in. It is very intuitive and easy to use.

Tips for Improving Digital Marketing. New Car Brand Campaigns Top 5 List
Build your unique X-Trail

Kia Cerato

This Pick of the Day uncomfortable moment for Kia Cerato at a recent AFL game is one of the best PR stunts that I have seen. There were also a series of TVC’s produced to support the launch.

I think all the TVC’s are very engaging stories and highly shareable. Do the stories outweigh the product message in this case? I will let you be the judge.


Ford Focus

No doubt taking some inspiration from Nissan, Ford have also engaged some of Australia’s leading bloggers and developed a social media campaign to support Ford Territory and Ford Focus. Like Nissan, the blogs are lifestyle based with the author sharing their tales of life on the road. The stories are posted on the Voices of Australia section of the Ford Website.

Tips for Improving Digital Marketing. New Car Brand Campaigns Top 5 List
Ford Voices of Australia
Tips for Improving Digital Marketing. New Car Brand Campaign Review Top 5 List
Ford Voices of Australia

Lastly, the new Ford Focus ‘Play Anything’ TVC, deserves a mention for using music in a humorous way to support the key message rather than being the message itself.

by Konrad Markham


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