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Online Sports Betting Social Media – Who’s Winning?


This week’s post looks at Online Sports Betting Social Media in Australia and asks who’s winning?. That is tomwaterhouse.com, bet365.com.au, betfair.com.au, sportingbet.com.au or sportsbet.com.au ?

I will be comparing and contrasting the digital marketing and social media strategies of each of the above players rather than the different product features they have on offer. That is, who has the best odds, the widest range of sports, who is the best for live betting etc.. If that is your interest, there is a link here to the aussportsbetting portal for that information.

Online Sports Betting in Australia is a highly competitive and cluttered market with many players.

The screen grab below shows the Google search result from the keyword search for “Sports Betting Australia”. A lot of the players have “bet” or “sport” as part of their brand and/or domain name, creating potential confusion. sportsbet vs sportingbet?.

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 10.44.24 AM

Unsurprisingly for online based businesses there is a greater use and commitment towards the use of Social Media compared to other Industries I have recently blogged about. All these players have very active Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and even Google+ accounts. They also have Android and iOS Smartphone Apps.


For tomwaterhouse, there is also a high degree of integration between the design and content of the web page with the above social media properties as seen below.

Tom Waterhouse Webpage Home Page

Tom Waterhouse Twitter Home Page

Tom Waterhouse Google+ HomePage

Tom Waterhouse You Tube Home Page

There are some interesting differences in the use of Facebook posts across the players. The better posts

1. Use uniquely created or adjusted visual imagery and messaging to generate engagement, commentary and hopefully be shared.

2. Pose questions on related topical issues to generate discussion and feedback.

Some examples include:

sportsbet social media. Tips for Improving Digital Media

Tom Waterhouse Facebook Post

sportingbet Facebook Post

The lesser posts focus more on the latest price or promotional offers.

betfair Facebook Post

betfair Facebook Post


Even better is the recent sportsbet outdoor advertisement promoting the upcoming Wallabies vs Lions Rugby test match. The ad generated a lot of widespread media coverage and was great material to be reposted onto their Facebook and social media pages.

sportsbet outdoor ad

sportsbet Facebook Post

The results of the above activity are reflected in the Facebook Talking About this numbers Table below. As a % of Total Facebook Likes, the numbers of people talking about this for sportsbet are significantly higher than the other players. Betfair also has the lowest numbers on the list. bet365 numbers are not included as they do not appear to have a Corporate brand Facebook page.

@ Jun 27Total Facebook Likes# Talking About This# Talking About this as a % of Total Facebook Likes


sportsbet has done a great job attracting fans through Facebook/ Social media, engaging them and getting them to talk about the brand.

It should be noted that sportsbet were one of earliest entrants into the online sports betting market and are currently Australia’s biggest Corporate bookmaker. They have invested significantly in media deals with Ch 7 and Ch 10 in recent years to boost their brand awareness. They are also in partnership with Horse Racing Clubs and Sporting Teams such as the Sydney Roosters Rugby League and the Collingwood Magpies AFL Club. These activities have no doubt also contributed significantly to the results we see today.

These partnerships can assist sportsbet in maintaining a high profile and presence in the racing and sporting landscape. At the same time, they are less in your face than the tomwaterhouse deal with Ch 9.

Other factors that will help sportsbet and other Online Sportsbet players retain their fans and keep them engaged

Most of the Online Sports Betting players are promoting themselves as having: The best odds, Money back specials, being able to bet anywhere/anytime, offering a wide range of sports, great promotions and customer service.

There are two factors that will help retain customers and differentiate themselves one brand from another.

1. Offering a greater number of unique promotional and betting concepts.

2. Content, Content, Content. Offer more relevant content such as streaming of live sporting and racing events on their website.

In these two areas sportsbet is already quite strong as seen in the examples below from their website.

sportsbet Website Promo Offers

sportsbet streaming of live events

Update Christ the Redeemer Melb Jun 2014

sportsbet continues to produce controversial content that generates enormous publicity and is widely shared across social media channels. Brilliant.

Update September 2015 sportsbet

sportsbet continue to produce great entertaining and shareable content year round from the cricket season to the footy season



by Konrad Markham

Tips for Improving Digital Marketing


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