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Want to be a Couchsurfing host? – My Top 10 Learnings

Confessions of a Couchsurfing host

Have you ever wanted to try couchsurfing as a surfer or host but are not sure what to expect? Here are my Top 10 learnings as a couchsurfing host. These are based on my collective experiences as a couchsurfing host in two cities in Australia: Adelaide and Brisbane. Let’s start with …

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Make money on Instagram – travel Instagramers share tips

Make money on Instagram

This week I had the opportunity to interview three of Australia’s leading travel Instagramers: laurenepbath, garry_norris and lovethywalrus (Paul Fleming). Specifically, to ask them to share some of the learnings from their success including: increasing follower numbers, content strategy, monitoring tools and how they manage to make money on Instagram. …

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