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Digital disruption in HR - McDonald's Snaplications

Digital disruption in HR – McDonald’s Snaplications

Am loving the new recruitment campaign from McDonald’s Australia. They have launched a Snapchat lens …


  1. Hi Konrad, Just a quick note to say thank you for the amazing write up and taking the time to include GYG in this article, we are absolutely thrilled at the acknowledgement from someone who specialises in digital strategy. Oh and just so you know we celebrate the opening of a restaurant by giving away free burritos and not free tacos! Most recently we gave away 6,100, what phenomenal result. Thanks and Kind Regards, Alison Taylor

    • konradmarkham@hotmail.com

      Thank you Alison, By finding my blog, responding to it quickly, giving me positive feedback and correcting my mistakes, you have just confirmed what the post says. Good luck to you and GYG. Regards Konrad

  2. Thanks Konrad, much appreciated.

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